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 Brad Waugh
Brad Waugh Sr. Litigation Attorney Intel Corporation

9:45 AM FOCUS SESSION: Organizing the Legal Team: Effective Strategies for Finding the Right Counsel and Establishing Strong, Efficient Working Relationships between In-House and Outside Counsel

  • Deciding what type of expertise is most important for the particular case
  • Determining what to keep in-house versus what to outsource for time management and cost efficiency purposes
  • Establishing decision-makers or point persons in-house
  • Facilitating strong working relationships between in-house and outside counsel
  • Understanding in-house counsel’s responsibilities in terms of managing their own custodians and information

4:30 PM Developing Clear Expectations and Obligations within Joint Defense Groups to Maximize Value and Reduce Redundancy

  • Navigating the politics of working with a joint defense group or under a joint defense agreement
  • Establishing roles within a joint defense group or under a joint defense agreement
  • Understanding the efficacy of joint defense agreements in protecting privilege
  • Ensuring access to evidence and witnesses of other group members in the event that one or more decide to settle

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